NOTE: The AZT is a technical, rocky, mostly-singletrack route that traverses long stretches of remote, waterless terrain. It is physically & mentally demanding in the best of conditions. Please plan accordingly.

The Arizona Trail Race

Mexico To Utah 

Longest singletrack bike race in the world 

Mandatory 21 mile portage across the Grand Canyon 

October 22nd, 2020, 7:00am
(4th Thursday in October each year)
Border of US/Mexico. Concurrent start (1 hour earlier, different location) with the AZT300


Flat Iron and the Superstition Mtns.


The AZT800 follows the same rules and intent as the AZT 300, it’s just blissfully longer and has a mandatory hike across the Grand Canyon! Please read all of the pages on this site, or ask questions on’s Ultra Racing forums

State Trust Land Permit Required: The AZT800 route crosses State Trust Land (off the AZT itself) which means all riders must purchase a recreational permit. They are available at the link below, and can be purchased / delivered online ($15). Please note that AZT 300 riders do not need a permit, since there is an easement for the AZT wherever it travels on State Trust Land. The 800 requires a permit due to using roads and trails that are not AZT, but on state trust.

Note from Grand Canyon National Park: Groups of 11 – 30 individuals day hiking through the canyon as part of this Race will need to obtain a Special Use Permit through our office. You can find details about our permit requirements at the following link: 

S. Kaibab Trail

Riders who finish the AZT800 may fill out a completion award form on the ATA website. Congratulations!! You earned it!!

Again, please consider a donation to the ATA to help sustain the trail for future generations.

Scott Morris & Eszter Horanyi at the end of a 750 tour.